Heucherella 'Heart of Darkness (PP#14,489) is a 2002 introduction from The Primrose Path. It was selected for its unusual foliage coloration and relatively large, showy flowers.

Growth Habit - A loose mound of 3.5 to 4"-wide leaves that is about 8" high X 14" wide. The flower stems are branched and spreading, reaching a height of about 24".

Foliage - The ground color of the foliage is green, but each leaf has a large central zone of dark maroon surrounded by silver-gray. This is seasonally variable, but when these marking are most extensive, only a narrow margin of light green is left on each leaf.

Flowers - In the spring 'Heart of Darkness' produces branching spikes of pure white flowers to about 24"

Special Features - 'Heart of Darkness' combines the leaf coloring of Heuchera and Tiarella in a dramatic manner. It has the cultivation requirements of Tiarella, that is, it should be given rich, moist, humusy soil in light shade and not be allowed to dry out.

Heucherella 'Heart of Darkness'
Heucherella 'Heart of Darkness' Heucherella 'Heart of Darkness' flowers

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