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Tiarella 'Elizabeth Oliver' Tiarella 'Elizabeth Oliver' has become a classic among the fancy-leaved varieties of foamflower available today. It was the earliest of the hybrids between eastern and western Tiarella to become widely known, and it is an ancestor of almost all of the cut-leaved forms currently on the world market. Like its namesake, it is still among the very best available.

Growth Habit
'Elizabeth Oliver' is a semi-runner that produces short stolons after blooming and forms a low, dense carpet of foliage about 6" high. The numerous erect flower stems are 14-16" tall.

Foliage -
The leaves are about 3" wide, deeply lobed, and heavily marked with maroon. The showy foliage looks good all year, turning purple in autumn and lasting through the winter (below).

Flowers - Light pink and fragrant, borne in loose panicles in mid spring.

Special Features - 'Elizabeth Oliver' is a vigorous hybrid that combines the best in leaf color and shape with excellent flower proportion, coloration, and fragrance.
'Elizabeth Oliver' looks best planted in drifts several feet wide next to paths in a woodland garden or along the front of a shady border. Tall, slender plants can easily come up through mats of Tiarella, so 'Elizabeth Oliver' can be allowed to spread back into flower beds around the stems of species like Cimicifuga, Actaea, or Kirengeshoma or around large ferns. Tiarella 'Elizabeth Oliver' winter foliage

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