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Tiarella 'Butterfly Wings'
Tiarella 'Butterfly Wings' (PP#13,629)  is an unusual-looking foamflower introduced by The Primrose Path in 2001.

Growth Habit - Non-running, forming a loose clump about 8" high X 12" wide. The erect flower stems reach 14-16".

Foliage -
Cut so deeply that the leaves are separated into five separate sections. The two on each side are usually raised above the central section, so that the leaves resemble butterflies about to take flight. In addition the centers of the leaves are heavily marked with maroon

Flowers -
In spring the plants have light pink flowers borne in loose, unbranched panicles.

Special Features -
Other Tiarella with compound foliage have been introduced in the past few years, but 'Butterfly Wings' has been by far the most vigorous and attractive of the cut-leaved clump-forming varieties in our trials. 'Butterfly Wings' is a relatively compact form and is especially well suited to being grown in containers or raised beds where the interesting leaf shape can be seen closer up.
Tiarella 'Butterfly Wings'

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