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Tiarella 'Pink Pearls' (PP#13,445) is a new breed of foamflower. This is a hybrid between one of the spring blooming eastern US T. cordifolia types and the western T. unifoliata, which blooms in the summer. The result is a form that begins to bloom in the spring and continues on well into the summer.

Growth Habit - A large clump of loose foliage about 10" high X 24" across, with abundant branching flower stems held at an angle and reaching about 18".

Foliage - The leaves are glossy green, about 4 to 4.5" across, and shaped like those of red maple.

Flowers - The flowers are white from pink buds that resemble tiny pearls and are borne on long branching stems that extend out from the clump.
Tiarella 'Pink Pearls'
Tiarella 'Pink Pearls' Special Features - 'Pink Pearls' is unique in its growth habit and extended bloom period. It will make a large vigorous clump in a year or two. The foliage will be evergreen if it is given the protection of a mulch of dead leaves in the fall.  

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